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Having a reputation for serving as a trusted big data analytics company, Syon Infomedia stands out in the crowd with its efficiency level. We aid your business with our highly productive services. We have a team of engineers, data scientists, and architects who work to provide robust and reliable solutions with ample focus.

By analyzing the big data, we provide you prescience of the problems that you might not have even discovered yet. At Syon Infomedia, we follow an idiosyncratic approach to evaluate the intricacies of the information before deciding on something important related to the business. The major use-case models used by us are advertisement targeting, fraud analysis, risk modeling, log analysis, and understand consumer behavior.

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  • Solution-Driven Approach
  • Data Management and Retrieval
  • Industry-leading Experience in Big Data Consulting
  • Implementation Experience
  • Customer Centric Engagement Model
  • Reduced Risk and Greater Flexibility
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Why Do Clients Choose Syon Infomedia for Big Data Consulting?

We define business intelligence using Thrift, Hbase, Pig, Hadoop, Impala, Scoop, Hive, Ozee, and Solr with sheer expertise. To prepare reports and manage analysis results, we use Pantaho analytics.

We produce big data strategies using our technical skills and experience. It empowers your business by well-defining the goals and integrating the Big Data into your IT roadmap.

  • Real-time Usage of Data 
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Improved Business Intelligence
  • Simple Access to Big Data
  • Budget-Friendly Big Data Solution
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