Interactive Buddy

You can also talk to the buddy by tapping on responses to his questions.

Interactive Buddy

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About the App

Interactive Buddy is a cute, talkative little guy who loves when you interact with him in a wide variety of ways. Unlike the characters in many other virtual friend apps, his body is fully physically-simulated, meaning that you can grab him, throw him around, and so on (using your fingers), and his body will react realistically.

The more you play with him, the more he will "rank up", opening up new backgrounds and game modes! There are 100 ranks total--will you achieve max level?


  • Talk To The Buddy

    He'll ask you about your day, your opinions, and much more.

  • Retina Display Compatible

    It runs at 960x640 resolution also.

  • Fully Physically-Simulated

    The whole body of the guy is simulated physically.

  • Unique Minigames

    Comes with minigames like gems and smasher.


You can also talk to the buddy by tapping on responses to his questions.

In addition, Interactive Buddy for Mobile contains two unique minigames: Gems and Smasher. In Gems, use explosions to propel the buddy into gems and collect as many as possible within a time limit. In Smasher, deal a set amount of damage to the buddy as fast as possible. Your best scores and times will be saved!

Interaction methods include:
--Slow motion
--Rotate for gravity change
--Shake for earthquake
--And more!
Interactive Buddy for Mobile is fully "Retina Display" compatible. It runs at 960x640 resolution on devices that support it.
Enjoy, and don't be too hard on your buddy--he really just wants to be your friend!

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