23 Feb Top 4 SEO Benefits for Real Estate Agents

All the business owners do not know the true potential of Search Engine Optimization and the significant role it plays in the improvement of their businesses. Real estate agencies need to understand that inbound traffic is very important for their business to expand. SEO helps you update your website’s rank on the search engines and engage with the prospective sellers & buyers. Have a look at the short insight on SEO before you approve its implementation.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of enhancing the visibility of the website on the search engines. SEO puts you higher on the Search Engine Results Page, which helps a larger number of prospective audience to get in touch with you.

Modern white hat techniques are practiced by the marketing companies as they are Google-approved and work efficiently. Working on the specific words and phrases, SEO enables your website to secure a place on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Other aspects of the SEO process are: content generation, boosting the website’s loading speed, link building, and cutting down the bounce rate.

There are ample of factors that define the search engine rank of a website for every individual keyword. After complying with all the factors, ensure that your website is going to acquire a higher rank on the SERPs with the keywords that are appropriate for your business. For instance, if you are a realtor in Utah, you can use it as a keyword to significantly boost your SERP rank.

Let’s move on to the advantages of SEO for real estate agents, as you are already well-acquainted with the basics.

SEO Advantages for Real Estate Agents

You can reap several benefits by implementing SEO on your real estate website. It will not only increase traffic on your site, but will also boost up your business as you will be able to generate more leads.

1. Increased Traffic and Enhanced Conversion Rate

Statistics support the fact that high website rankings help you generate more traffic to your real estate website. A recent study shows that around 64.5% of the Internet users click on one of the first three results shown on the search engines. Also, only 30% people look for more options, other than the top three. Only 10% of the audience moves to the second page to look for more results. So, if your website is listed on the second page, you need to work on your website’s SEO.

SEO is one of the most trusted ways to get your website listed on the top of the search engine results, and subsequently increase the number of clicks on your real estate website.

While choosing keywords related to your conversions and traffic, both quality and quantity hold significant importance. Simply optimizing the website for important terms like “Real Estate” and “House for Sale” might make your page visible on more results pages, but the ranking would not be good enough. Also, these broad keywords will fail to attract the local buyers to avail the services you offer.

Opting for an SEO strategy that focuses on different aspects, like location, neighborhood, home models, etc., might not fetch you millions of clicks on your website; however, it will certainly help the genuine prospects land on your site, who are actually interested in buying/renting a property. Precisely, you will reach the right target audience without wasting time, and those fewer quality clicks will provide you better conversion rate.

Use those keywords that are relevant to your real estate company, and at the same time, attract the local customers as well.

2. High ROI

In comparison to other methods or marketing tactics, SEO works better in terms of conversions and click-through rates, so it will definitely generate more profit for you.

Many factors affect the price of the SEO, like the services required, the scope of the project, company size, and the time duration; the firm works with you. Also, different SEO firms charge on a separate basis, either monthly or hourly. The amount to be paid solely depends on your SEO needs. The cost starts from $76 an hour and goes up to $6000 a month. The main benefits of SEO are its relatively low cost and its real-time effects which enhance your ROI.

Talking about ROI, we would like to inform you that some of our clients have even experienced a growth of more than 300-500% in their website’s traffic over the course of just three to five months.

3. Improved Brand Awareness

To improve your chances of getting in touch with the users, your real estate website must get listed on the first page of the search engines because the majority of the users don’t even go to the second page of the results. SEO enables you to climb the rankings and reach the top of the search engine results. It also helps build the brand awareness.

We have already stated above that most of the users click on the first few results only. As soon as your website reaches the top of the listings on various search engines, it will get more clicks, and the more people would try to contact you. This will increase your followers on the social media, resulting in enhanced content sharing and more people subscribing for your email offers.

4. Authority and Leadership

To get a top spot on SERPs, you must focus on the quality of your website along with the keywords. Search engine algorithms look for websites having authoritative content. The content should be linked to other websites, which needs a lot of efforts. You ought to have various articles, blog posts, and other media that your property buyers are looking for.

If your real estate website has high-quality content, it will help you get links from known websites and improve the traffic as well as the authority of the site. Quality content will result in more user interaction in the form of shares and comments.

Need Help in Improving Your SEO?

By going through the points mentioned above, you are now well-aware of the fact that SEO is very beneficial for the real estate websites. Utilizing the SEO facilities or services will provide astounding results for your company. You will witness higher ranking, increased traffic, and better conversion rates.

SEO for your website might be a hefty task, but the after effects are worth the effort. If you are looking for SEO or any other IT solutions, Syon Infomedia is the best firm to count on.

With ample experience in the industry, Syon Infomedia has always served its clients well and has been successful in winning their trust. We have a dedicated team that will definitely guide you towards success and will assure positive results for your website.

You can contact us to talk to our experts and take their guidance to increase your ROI and generate more leads.

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