02 May How To Hire Skilled Iphone App Developer

How To Hire Skilled Iphone App Developer

Whether one has recently started an online business or is running an IT company, the decision to hire an iOS or iPhone developer is a tempting option as it helps lower the development cost from various angles. In fact, one of the recent studies analyses that there happen to be only 1200 developers to develop apps for approximately 1 million users! Therefore, hiring a professional and skilled iPhone developer can help a business meet the requirements of customers with proper facilities and services via smartphones.

The Developer For Hire Advantage: 

Before getting started with how to hire a skilled iOS or iPhone app developer, it is important to find out what are the major advantages of hiring them.

The Expertise– Any veteran developer is equipped with sound knowledge and technical skills along with compelling experience- all of which can be implemented for new design concept and project module. Such professionals can easily ensure that the project bugs are well-maintained and that the project remains error-free at all times.

Incorporation of Technology and Tools– Since these professionals have proper experience in simultaneously working on various projects, they are well-versed with the most advanced technology and tools that can prove to be beneficial when hiring such professionals.

Thorough Professionalism– These developers are acquainted with working within deadlines. So, productivity within a given timeframe is guaranteed while working with these professionals. Moreover, they also provide transparency in their work and are good with communication skills.

Dedication– This is something one can expect from skilled and professional developers. These professionals work with full focus and dedication in order to ensure that one gets the desired output within a given time span. Investing in hiring skilled developers provide the best ROI for clever entrepreneurs.

So, with so many advantages, it would only be foolish of a appreneur (a mobile device application based entrepreneur) to not take help from skilled and experienced iPhone developer.

Eligibility Factors To Look For:

An experienced developer should have the efficiency to come up with dynamic applications that have the potential to make a device more attractive. Here are some other eligibility factors that matter while looking to hire an iOS developer:

Should have customizing application expertise

Should be able to offer technical support during any stage of an ongoing project

Should have full and proper knowledge regarding iPhone SDK so that he/she can create attractive and catchy applications

Should be able to provide customer support as and when required

The Next Step- Communication: 

However, the work does not end with hiring a skilled and professional developer. There’s more to be done on the appreneur’s part to ensure that the best output is received from the developer’s end. Not only will the appreneur need to overview the idea and design, but it is also crucial to test the app’s functionality and flow constantly in coordination with the developer. Creating an app is bringing life to a certain idea and such matters cannot be taken lightly. Communicating is the key to ensuring successful app creation- the one that is created in one’s mind- and it is a skill that every appreneur must implement when working with a developer.

In fact, the better the communication is, the easier it will be for the iOS or iPhone developer to get the job done. Clear communication happens to be the key to smooth running of the development process and averting setbacks or disappointments. Here are some steps one can incorporate while working with a developer for building an app.

Step no.1– Review the latest build of the app. After the developer is done with almost 25% of the app build that mainly comprises of some basic functions and the template, one must ask the developer to send the concerned app for review. One can then test the app and note down the changes to be made before proceeding further with the project.

Step no.2– Ask for daily update through email. This can help one track the progress as well as notify the developer of any new additions to be made at different stages of creating the app. The communication through email can help the appreneur also notify the developer of things to be done on a daily basis, such as changing the menu tabs color on a certain page, or uploading audio and video files to another page, etc. One must, however, ensure that the tasks are simple and free from confusion so that the developer can easily complete the task in a smooth manner. Although, communicating via emails is recommended, one can also opt for other communication means such as phone calls or video calls.

Step no.3– Keep in touch with the developer regularly through chat. Sometimes, even after sending emails, confusion lingers, or it is also possible that the developer has not read the email. To be double sure that the developer gets the right instructions to proceed with the app building, one should opt for chatting online through Skype or Google Hangouts, etc. This also helps answer different queries and doubts that the developer might have regarding the project.

These steps can prove helpful with the app building project and it is highly recommended that the appreneur stays in continuous touch with developer so as to stay updated on the project. Any new improvement can be tracked and monitored when one is in communication with the developer. Moreover, it also saves time and ensures that the work get completed within the time limit without any issues.

Things To Be Avoided:

There are certain things that can make it tougher for the developer to complete his/her job and possibly, drive them mad. Understanding these points can help ease their job and ensure that the project runs smoothly without any bumps on the way. The following 7 things are to be avoided at any cost when hiring a developer:

  1. Not being able to explain one’s app design, functions and idea clearly
  2. Setting an unreal timeframe to complete the project
  3. Not providing feedback to the developer
  4. Not being available for answering their questions
  5. Changing one’s mind frequently about the app’s functions, features, etc. and compelling the developer to rework and re-develop different aspects every now and then
  6. Not making the payment on time
  7. Not appreciating the efforts and dedication of the developer

Final Thoughts:

With all the above information, one should be able to find the right developer for hire to get his/her desired app created and launched successfully in the online market.

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