02 Jul How to Get Started on WordPress?

Professionals, hobbyists, students, and even ordinary people have their own ideas, thoughts and specialties to share. One of the most famous platforms for sharing is social media websites where they can vent their hearts out.

However, the features of social media websites are limited. It’s odd to use Facebook to create a blog. It’s even odder to post a video on YouTube containing a 1000-word article. In addition to that, nobody will care even if you manage to create lengthy articles in some social media websites because they’re not the right platform for blogs.
If you want to share your thoughts, specialties, and advice to the world, then you must have your own social networking site. Building your own social networking site will enable you to share your thoughts to the world.

To create a blog, find a tool that will build your wordpress website. One of the most famous website creation tools is WordPress.

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is famous for creating a free or paid website for amateur and professional bloggers. It’s an online open source computer application where you can easily author and manage your website even if you’re not knowledgeable in programming.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress

Go to WordPress’s website and click the button on the home page.

It’s easy to find the WordPress’ website on the internet. You can either type it on the search engine or type wordpress.com on the address bar of your browser.

Once you are at the WordPress’s homepage, you’ll see a button that says, “Create Website” or “Get Started.” Click the “Create Website” or the “Get Started” button.

Choose the category that’s suitable for your website.

After clicking the “Create Website” or the “Get Started” button, you will be directed to the page that lets you select a category for your website. Choose one which suits your blog.

Choose a subcategory.

After clicking on your blog’s category, you will be directed to a page where you will be prompted to click a subcategory. For example, if you choose the “Health and Wellness” category, you will be directed to a page of subcategories to choose from like, “Mental Health,” “Exercise / Weight Loss,” and more. Choose the one that’s related to your blog’s niche.

Choose a theme

After clicking the subcategory of your blog, you will be directed to a page where you will select a theme. A theme refers to how your blog will be presented to your readers. Choose the best theme for your blog.

Type a domain

A domain is going to be your website’s address. All domains end in .com, .co, .net, or .org. You can opt for either a free or a paid domain. Note, however, that choosing the free domain will cause you to have a domain, which will end with wordpress.com. If possible, go for the paid version since it has more features.

Choose a plan

A WordPress’s plan refers to the extra features that you can get from a particular plan depending on what you choose. You can read about the comparison of each plan by clicking “Compare Plans” at the bottom of the page.

Create and verify your account

After choosing a plan, you will be directed to a webpage where you will be prompted to create an account. After typing in your information such as your e-mail address, username, and password, you must verify your account by going to your email’s inbox.

Create a blog

You may now create your own blog. You can start by clicking “My Site” at the upper left portion of your dashboard. It will reveal the choices that you can select to manage your website. These are located at the left portion of your dashboard.

You can start posting a blog by clicking the “Blog Post” in the “My Site” menu. Here you can already start writing your first blog.

Feel free to explore your dashboard to become more knowledgeable about each feature. You can even add widgets, promote your blogs, and change the themes of your blogs.

Now you can use your favorite social media websites to promote your blogs. Sharing and promoting your specialties and thoughts is easy and profitable if you know how to start a blog on WordPress.

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