06 Jul How Mobile Apps can boost Your Small Business

If you have a Startup Business or small business with a limited market and customers, you can boost your business with mobile apps because apps have become a dire necessity to businesses of its faster growth. The apps have not only benefited largely and established businesses but small and Start-ups can also use apps for multiple tasks like social networking, business travels, maintenance of data and projects, communication, marketing, scanning, and printing. You can also track business expenses, and customer orders, arrange and track deliveries, and maintain financial records. The organizations are also finding that their sales, revenues, and productivity have drastically increased after the introduction of apps. It has also opened new and effective marketing channels for them. The apps also help start-ups and small businesses go globally and showcase their products to worldwide consumers.

Increased Productivity

Mobile apps have greatly improved the productivity of the companies and helped employees work better, faster, and smarter. There are apps that have minimized work times in the office, or field. The employees can carry their workplace any place in their apps and work from any location. They can carry organization data and resources when they are in the field or traveling. The sharing and chatting options in the app increase coordination and communication among employees, and with higher management. The organization interaction and communication with customers and vendors have also improved. The companies are also able to save employees costs because marketing through apps is faster and quicker. They can also give product information, display their products and services, and make a presentation to clients more effectively.


The apps can provide more exposure to products than any other devices in the world. According to the Statista, the Smartphone users will reach 2 billion in 2016. It also informs that average Americans spend more than two hours on their Cell phones.  eMarketer also reports that by 2019, the number of Smartphone users will reach 236.8 million, of which  85.5 percent will be internet users and 71.4 percent total consumers. Most of the users scroll and scan their mobile phones for useful apps and in the process, your business apps will also be visible to them. The visibility is highly beneficial for instant brand promotion and product exposure.


The apps have proved to be the best marketing tools for small organizations and Startups for their business growth. They can expose their products and provide business related information and services to customers more effectively through apps than other means. The businesses can also display and inform their special offers and promotional schemes like discounts, coupons, and gift vouchers to buyers more effectively. The messaging and chat features in the apps help in developing healthy relation and networking with customers and vendors and greatly improves customer interactions. The companies can regularly interact with the buyers for their order, delivery, payment and other issues. They can also provide best customer services by satisfying customer queries and inquiries quickly. The customers can also place their orders through apps, and discuss rates and discounts, payment terms, and delivery schedules. The regular interaction with the customers and immediate response to their queries greatly help in retaining buyers and generating customer loyalty.

Brand Promotion

The apps help small business advertise and promote their brand to an overwhelming number of Smartphone users. The Statista also informs that apps are a highest downloaded device in the world today. The all time visibility on the Smartphones greatly helps organization advertise their brand to millions of users.


The effective marketing, faster and quicker customer services and interactions, product exposure, greater brand awareness and promotions, and increased productivity greatly help businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors.

There are many mobile app developing companies. You can search and select a team of experienced and skillful developer for your business mobile apps development. If you fail to get services of experienced and skilled developers locally, you can even outsource apps development to overseas developers in India, Singapore, and other South East Asian countries. These developers can offer best rates, time, and quality because developing costs are cheaper in these countries.

Your business app must be simple and powerful with attractive design and useful features. You can offer apps free, or with cost depending upon your investment, expenses, and development costs. If users like your app and find it useful and easy to run, they will download it promoting and boosting your brand and business.

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