16 Aug Should you hire a Freelancer or a Company for PHP Web Development?

There are billions of new businesses that are emerging everyday all around the globe and that require a digital platform for their customers to land on. Currently the internet is full of billions of websites for various things. Each day billions of more are added into this ocean of digital businesses. How do you find out the response and statistics of your products or services being famous or profit oriented? With internet based websites. This whole thing about PHP web development has become so common that you will find every other person, whether in the industry or not offering their services in the process of web development.

Some people hire PHP developer while others prefer hiring a whole company that specializes in PHP web development. But the important factor is that none of the two options from which you can get your PHP services can be criticized because both have their own pros and cons. There are some things that a company can get you and can’t get you but then there are things which push you to sort help from freelancer PHP developers for your business or website. Your website has to be user friendly with an attractive interface to generate more traffic over and over again. E-commerce websites usually have tons of traffic because of their vivid and sleek interfaces and quick and easy shift processes.

Advantages of hiring a Company for PHP Development

The companies consisting of numerous team members and all experts have a better chance of being professional which all of their staff being extremely skilled and educated. The companies can give you expertise in this particular corner of the IT industry. From a programmer to a manager, the staff binds together is putting their expertise together to bring you a nice and reasonable PHP web design.

The companies have specially hired people for client support on the front end while the back end works to deliver you the best. You can easily communicate with the company on a professional level and make your demands meet. The company will always understand if suddenly you want to make some changes to the design you wanted and will find a way to go about it.

Another great benefit of hiring a company is that even after they have delivered the work, they offer you a post launch support where you can ask them to maintain the whole thing for months or years to come without any stress of doing it yourself. That way you tend to make a permanent presence in the whole scene of the company.

Web design agencies are always ready to go to extreme measures to keep the good reputation of the company alive by meeting the most obnoxious demands of people who approach them for various purposes. With the company you can actually sit back and relax until the whole job is done and delivered to your doorstep.

Advantages of hiring a Freelancer PHP Developer

The first and the best benefit of hiring a freelancer PHP developer is that they are extremely affordable as compared to hiring companies and agencies to do your work. Freelancer will do the exact same job in half the money that you were going to pay to various PHP development companies. Who doesn’t like their work done to perfection in the least amount of money?

Workings with freelancers provide you with great results and that too almost in half the time. Freelancers usually take up one project at a time so you can easily stop worrying about them not paying attention to your job completely. In the terms of attention and details for your web development project, freelancers top the game.

The global market is mostly running on getting their services from freelancers. So everyone who is looking to get their work done always faces websites and platforms to find freelancers. You can easily find freelancers and hardly have any documentation to complete with them. It gets easier to find a freelancer according to your time zone so you both are available to discuss things at the same hours throughout the day.

With freelancers you can hire expert people in various fields. You won’t be worrying about handing over your work to an inexperienced person who specializes in something else. You can always search for a freelancer according to your requirements for your PHP web development.

Not to forget the freedom and flexibility that you get with hiring a freelancer developer. You don’t feel bound by the office timings and can freely discuss ideas and appoint time slots according to your choice. The limitations of other formal tasks get waived with hiring a freelancer as your source.

Disadvantages of hiring a Freelancer & a company

Apart from all these pros of hiring both the parties, there are a few cons as well. Freelancers can sometimes not deliver the kind of professionalism that you are looking for. Or there can be various invoice and payment issues regarding your project whereas companies can overcharge for most of things because they need to take a cut for their employ salaries, bills and miscellaneous office expenses.

Companies can also many times bound you with a contract where you cannot place demands like unlimited revisions for the work to look exactly what you want. Freelancers on the other hand will give you a leverage of revisions over and over again so you are satisfied with what you get.


So the conclusion stays pretty neutral. It also depends on your circumstances, budget and personal preferences. For some hiring a freelancer works best while on the other hand there are people who have more budgets to outsource their projects to PHP development companies. Both ways you need to go through some positives and negatives of the whole situation.

Larger organizations mostly go for named companies who offer PHP Web development so various contracts can be signed amongst them. New startups prefer hiring freelancers for the beginning to improve their face in the digital world. Beginners usually don’t have a lot of funds to spend because of low profits but PHP web development is what gets them all the business in the future. That’s exactly why they like to come up on good terms with freelancers so they can get the work done in less time and money and maintain the work for a minimum fee as well. This way they can save thousands of dollars each year that they would otherwise spend on various company’s bills which isn’t an ideal thing to do.

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