11 Aug Benefits of Converting Your Website From HTML to WordPress

WordPress uses a database to store and retrieve content as opposed to HTML which uses mark up language to display pages. The former is now the most popular web development platform today. The benefits of this platform have forced people to switch from HTML. These include improved user interface, preference by search engines, simplicity in creation and management and reduced costs. It has allowed users to publish content easily. Conversion from HTML to WordPress is considered an initiative for achieving business success. It solves styling and scripting problems associated with HTML. Conversion improves speed and overall site performance. This platform has reduced the amount of programming needed to make a static website. The conversion process is done by HTML to WordPress conversion experts with core technical skills. This discussion provides the benefits of converting from HTML to WordPress.

SEO Friendly

This is a basic requirement for a business web sites. Converting from HTML to WordPress provides a site which is compatible with multiple search engines. WordPress is Google’s favorite platform. You will be able to enjoy higher Google rankings. It takes care of nearly 90 percent of ranking parameters. A WordPress site allows search engines to crawl and gather information. Search engines develop a rich database by going through posts, pages, and categories. There is a privacy option when installing a WordPress site. Categorization and tagging of pages are also made possible. More plugins can be added to make your site more SEO friendly. Conversion makes the business site more responsive which attracts mobile users. WordPress websites are capable of reaching more people.

Self Sufficiency

Converting from HTML to WordPress provides you with a ready-to-use platform. The latter was designed for web publishing. Therefore, it has built-in capabilities. Content can be added automatically to your site.

Embedded features are provided during WordPress website development. Setting up a site with this platform is very simple. It also allows web hosting companies to incorporate their interactive features to your site.

Cost Effective

It is much cheaper to work with WordPress than HTML since one can add themes and plugins for free. Embedded features make the coding process much cheaper. This open source platform is free of charges. This platform does not need an extra programming language. Theme customization and modification of functions are also made cheap and easy. There is no need for expensive conversion tools. A WordPress site allows the user to spend less in search engine marketing. Converting to WordPress reduces the cost of hiring people to perform smaller tasks.


Converting from HTML to WordPress allows one to get rid of static content. It also reduced the amount of code and pages for a given site. One WordPress page is estimated to be equal to one HTML file. Pages are designed with the same layout for consistency. Therefore, linked pages appear uniform. This makes the process of updating the site easy and fast. Updating an HTML site can be very hard for beginners. One would need to hire experts to perform tasks like adding new pages and uploading images. During the conversion process, updates can be made by the admin user from the HTML editor. Making updates is easy once the site is converted to WordPress. This CMS platform is meant for publishing thus providing a more marketable site. It is easier to manage your website.


HTML does not have additional features due to the absence of a database. Moving to WordPress provides you with features like as store, survey, gallery and much more. You will also be provided with multiple options for site customization. A wide range of tested plugins are made available for WordPress. These come with a customization core that allows users to optimize their sites easily. Switching to this new platform provides you with unlimited theme options. You can choose from a thousand themes within or outside the theme library. Converting from HTML to WordPress also provides you with a flexible and scalable site. Its structure is very robust making it more preferable among business owners. Customization options also include provision addition of widgets. Adding templates, widgets and plugins provide you with a more appealing and unique website. You can use your imagination and creativity to stand out.

Large Community

WordPress is an open source platform which has a large community of users. These individuals provide support by sharing ideas. Converting from HTML provides one with regular security and customization updates. This helps users to improve their website performance more regularly. A community interested in high web standards and great user experience comes together to share ideas. These ideas have produced a quality platform which has attracted HTML users. This community also provides full tech support around the clock. Developers work 24/7 to deliver updates.


The large community plays a big role in sharing security challenges and ideas. This large community comes up with reports and possible solutions to security threats. This culture has made WordPress more secure from documentation and coding levels. This common management system keeps hackers at bay as long as you keep updating your site. This CMS platform is secure from malicious web activities like phishing. Updates are combined with basic security measures like strong passwords to increase security. You also need a good hosting plan from a reputable company. This platform works great in securing blogs and portfolios.


In conclusion, switching from WordPress provides unlimited customization capabilities. You will gain access to multiple plugins and themes. These will allow you to make your site more unique. Moving from HTML to WordPress reduces site maintenance costs especially for a business site. This platform has built-in features which make the development process much easier. There is no need to hire experts to perform updates since they can be done automatically using a database. This new platform produces SEO friendly and responsive sites which allow you to market your business much better. Its popularity has produced a large community which provides ideas and support for better performance and security. Converting to WordPress provides a wide range of possibilities.

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