03 May 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Developer

Hiring a WordPress Developer

Do you need to hire WordPress developer? Selecting the right web developer for your website is not an easy task. WordPress is the most popular content management system today. A lot of famous celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and bloggers are using this platform to build their websites. A qualified WordPress developer can play a vital role in the success of your website and attract potential customers.

PSD to WordPress customization and integration plays very crucial role in building a visually appealing, well-designed and highly advanced website or blog. In a broader sense, the service of customization and integration of open source WordPress into PSD can give new heights to user’s blog or site. For PSD to WordPress service, an individual has to hire a WordPress developer from the web-development company. Due to a high degree of competitiveness in the online market, it is becoming necessary to beat the competition with best when every hour a new web portal get launched. The following are 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Developer:

1. Ask the WordPress website developer if he/she is experienced

A good developer must have strong core competencies. A simple way to check his/her basic skills is to go to his/her work. Study the portfolio of WordPress professional and assess his/her website. If you find the list of clients on the website, then you have the option to contact them. You can guess the experience of developer through testimonials, and some clients. If the developer is new, then he/she will have very few testimonials. You can also ask the company to provide the list of their customers along with their contact details, so that you can talk to them for finding the quality of the work.

2. As the WordPress expert if the have robust communication

Sound technical knowledge is very essential to hire a person, but communication skill also plays a vital role. You should make sure that the WordPress expert, can understand you properly. Most of your conversations will be through phone or email. The WordPress professional would not be able to deliver the best result if he/she is not able to understand you or communicate with you.

3. Where can I find your previous works?

Generally, a qualified mobile apps developer will be curious about showing off his previous works. If the WordPress Developer is not providing these details, you can ask this question. Having a look at his previous works can help in gauging whether he has the required skill for WordPress website for different screen sizes like phone and PC.

4. Do you know how to build a PSD File?

A good WordPress website developer should know the type of the theme you want to create. You should leave the entire process of creating a theme to your developer; instead, you can design a PSD file in sync with your website requirements. Next, you can Hire WordPress Programmer to build a working WP theme from the finalized PSD file.

5. Ask the developer the kind of security he provides to safe guide you website

This one of the most important thing to consider when you are hiring a WordPress Developer. Ask them if they are sure no one will reuse or steal the source code of your website. Ensure you can trust them to keep you website source code a secret. Choosing a company that has ISO certification will make sure the security of your code and your app.

6. What will you do to backup my website?

Many people, because they’re not web developers themselves, often don’t know what goes into making a professional business website, from design and layout to picking the best font, finding colors and spacing issues, using and resizing images, dealing with deadlines and scheduling conflicts, on and on.

Regardless of program or content management system used, the vast majority of websites will need to be down or “come soon” while they’re being worked on. Even Bank of America will have “temporarily down” text on their website from time to time as issues arise and need to be resolved.

When working with WordPress, and other content management programs like it, that essentially allow websites to function as they do. It’s important for the client to recognize not only the sheer number of hours needed to implement a website and then accommodate the client but every function should also be tested before and after the installation of WordPress. Details will have to be corrected, links will fail to work, images won’t appear that should have appeared, and other “bugs” or “glitches” will undoubtedly rear their heads.

7. Do you have any particular visual theme in mind?

This is a very important question that goes directly to the overall appearance and functioning and layout of your website. The average website color scheme or palette consists of three colors that compliment or overlap each other well. If you’re someone who isn’t comfortable or familiar with color schemes, you can easily ask the developer their opinion or go with what you know is safe (for example most businesses want dark tones to convey seriousness). A coffee shop will want earth tones to go with the coffee beans they sell. A florist will want pictures of flowers and colors that don’t clash. A business will want a color scheme of black, gray, and white most likely. A catering company won’t want bright images and colors that clash if they’re fairly conservative regarding who they’re marketing their business to. Ask yourself what kind of color scheme you prefer, or look at other similar websites and their color scheme before calling the website developer or engaging their services.

It ‘s hard to identify the best WordPress developer because there are thousands of people, who call themselves an expert. A good WordPress programmer should expertise in various services like integrated link management, Customized modules development, module installation, implementation and setup, CMS development, theme/ template customization, extensions development, CMS development and system Design, blog customization and lots more. Before hiring a web programmer from the web-development company for WordPress customization and integration, a person should ask all the question as mentioned earlier to streamline development of his blog in competitive World Wide Web for faster results. So, increase chances of being on top searches in the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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