03 Nov 5 Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing Strategies you can’t Afford to Miss

There are around 2.1 billion smartphone users all over the world and this number is expected to rise in the upcoming years. The continuously growing mobile users base has forced the brands to develop an application of their own in order to enhance their area of sales and marketing. Along with offering the fast and quality services in the business, these apps do a lot of marketing to gain popularity. Pre-launch marketing strategies present a bright future to these apps as they are known to the users even before its launch.

You have to reach the maximum number of users via e-mail, generating your press releases, providing information through blogs, etc. so that they are aware of the new product. Here are a few tips that you must follow before the launch of your mobile app to make it a successful venture

1. Plan Marketing with App Building

As soon as you start working on the creation of the mobile app, you need to set a timeline and target for both – development and marketing. Along with the development phase, keep investing a smart portion of your time and money in your marketing strategy. As the launch date is near, increase the amounts significantly for a better response. Next, maximize your inputs when the app is available for use in the application store. Initially, you can let people know about the features, benefits and other useful functions of the app.

2. Keep Users Interested with e-mails and Blogs

Nowadays, being socially active is a necessity but you cannot ignore the importance of e-mails and blogs. You have to fetch e-mail addresses from different sources and create a list. These e-mails focus on a wide range of audience, offering a better chance to gain popularity.

On the other hand, blogs hold their own importance as your readers will be providing you with feedbacks that can be used to make your app better before the launch. Also, you can ask them about the features or changes they wish to see in the app. This can leave you with some new ideas that might become a part of the application later.

3. Provide Audience with Sneak Peeks

Once the user is interested in your app, provide him/her with sneak peeks (in the form of audio, video, picture, text, etc.) at regular intervals. Reveal the features of your app one by one to keep them interested. Introduce the snippets in a strong and impactful manner to create good hype leading to a successful launch of the application.

4. Use Beta Testers for Better Marketing

Your application needs to be tested before the final launch for which you need to roll it out for a few experienced people who can provide you with the lows and highs of the app. They can provide you with the points that are needed to be considered in order to enhance the functionality of the app. Other functions or suggestions can also be a part of their response, which you can use for the app’s betterment. With all the alterations, you can ask the testers for their final words. If they like it, they will surely help you promote it further.

5. Be Ready with Launch Content

The launch is the most important phase and it needs to be done well to carry forward the pre-launch marketing. This is the time when customers are waiting for the app to get into the market. You need to present the application with a promo video or something that can make the people understand the app fully.

The press releases hold equal importance. Invite all the known bloggers and media so that the launch information can reach to a maximum number of people through these platforms. The press release provides all the information of the product and the company’s word for it.


The strategies mentioned above about the pre-launch marketing of mobile applications can help perform wonders for your app. Along with mobile development, designing, launching, and updating the apps, you need to show off the product correctly as well to bring out the best results. This mobile app business is on an all time high. If you are from a non-technical background and want to build a mobile app, you can take assistance from an app development firm which will help you carry out your work in a more efficient manner.

We hope that these pre-launch marketing tips for mobile apps were useful to you. Keep visiting us for more on the world of applications and technology. Cheers!

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