06 Jul 4 Points to Remember When Outsourcing Mobile Apps Development

Many small and big organizations outsource their mobile development project to offshore agencies. The Skype, Internet, Smartphones, and Drop boxes have made offshore outsourcing an easier task in modern times. Saving time and money is the basic criteria for outsourcing app development projects to overseas countries.

App Outsourcing Advantages

Many companies have resources to complete the apps developing project in-house, but they prefer offshore outsourcing due to certain advantages like quality work, skilled and experienced developers, cost benefit, and the optimal work in the short time. Few companies outsource their projects to overseas developers because they lack technical and other resources for developing an app. If these companies do not outsource their projects to overseas developers, they need to set a whole new in-house team that may take time or cost them. However, by outsourcing, they can save money and time. The experienced developers can also give them quality work in the stipulated time.

App Development Regions

Regions like Asia, Europe, and America has the highest number of mobile apps developers, but India, Singapore, and other South East Asian countries have come up as the main hub for Mobile Apps offshore outsourcing. The reason being, app development cost is also very low these countries as compared to America and European countries. Singapore apps development companies are also known for their quality work at moderate costs. The numbers of skilled app developers are also high in India and other South Asian countries. They can offer optimal work at cheap rates in a short time. They can also develop apps for multiple platforms and for different uses. These are the basic reasons for favouring India and other South East Asian countries for Apps and Web development.

Hire Developers

Together with apps development, few companies in these countries also offer their specialized services for Web development, Content Management, and SEO, and allow outsourcing companies hire skilled and experienced developers for their projects.  In such cases, the team of developers remains entirely under the control of companies that are outsourcing their app development projects. These are the reasons for favouring India, Singapore, and other South East Asian countries for Apps and Web development.
The outsourcing companies can search Google, Social Media, and Forums for Apps developers to complete their projects. However, before outsourcing projects to overseas developers, the companies must consider certain points for the best outcome of their projects.

Assess Developers

Before outsourcing a project, the companies must evaluate the market report of the apps development company, their past and present experience, and expertise in this field. The reviews, forums, social media, and developer’s blogs can provide such details. The outsourcing company must also find the qualification, expertise, and past work experiences of developers team for the project. They must also get details of their completed projects and research their market report.


The outsourcing companies must draw a project report for their projects, considering minute points and decide the budget because if you make the changes in-between, alter or add any new design or features, the cost may climb and cross the planned budget. The higher cost may make the app costly for the end users.

Time Zone Difference

Time zone difference is another important factor that may affect the progress of the project. Suppose, a US company is outsourcing its project to an Indian company. The time difference between the USA and India is 9.30 hours. If the US Company is online and trying to interact with their outsourced developers in India, they might be unable to do the same because developers may not be online due to the time difference. The lack of communication and delay in responses may affect the progress of the project. The regular consultation is vital for quality work and completion of the project in time. The companies must decide the same work hours for necessary updates and consultations. The developers must also be available during these hours for project-related consultations.


Another important point that may affect the Project is communication. If the project developer’s team lack communication skills and unable to explain the development process or understand your requirements, the outcome may not be to your satisfaction.


You must regularly track the progress of the app and request the updates from the development team. You can analyze these updates and make changes if you deem it necessary. You must also monitor and test the app for system performance, and once you are satisfied with its working, you can launch it in the apps market for your end users.


Draw up an agreement for outsourced developers. The agreement may include Pricing, Scope of Work, and Change Management. If necessary, you can also draw a non-disclosure and IP assignment agreement.

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