14 Nov 12 Impressive Qualities a WordPress Designer Must Have

WordPress Designer Qualities

What is the first thing you notice on a website you just landed on? The designing? Right? The aesthetic beauty of the website decides whether or not the user will stay on it or will switch to another one. Therefore, a good designer is needed for a successful website. WordPress, being the easiest platform to handle and a feature-packed content management system has become the hub for most of the websites. Easy availability of themes and plugins has made WP the home for websites of all types, i.e., from small businesses to big ones.

The requirement for WP designers and developers is growing at a rapid pace. You can hire skilled and experienced professionals working in this field so that you can enhance your work efficiency and develop a website based on your requirements. Coming to the design part, there is always a need for a web designer who knows the target audience and the preference of the people. To help you with this, we have created a list of qualities that are required in a good WP designer. You can keep these things in mind while hiring one –

1. Inspirational

To work constantly on the same website for so many days can be a bit tiring for a designer. Also, with the changing trends in the industry, designers have to keep themselves updated and ready for the change. The inspiration to self to perform better every time is the quality that is needed in an employee. A good web designer must keep him/herself up to date with the latest design trends, even if s/he is working on a different project altogether. This quality makes an employee stand a step ahead of the others.

2. Working Out of the Comfort Zone

Every design is different and so are the problems associated with it. If the designer is always working on similar projects and do not push the limits to learn new things, he/she is not fit for the job. Learning new ways would provide a good platform and growth for the designer in future. For enhancing the knowledge and experience, one has to get out of the comfort zone and work diligently for a bright future of oneself as well as the company.

3. Able to Tackle Criticism

A web designer should know how to tackle criticism. His/her work should be open for feedbacks as it is not necessary that the design made will be liked by all. The designer also has to deal with this kind of situations professionally. There is no need to take it personally and defend the work by making excuses for that. There is a possibility that the one in charge does not like the designing. The employees who can perform better after being criticized for the work are the best kind of employees.

4. Try to Learn

The one who is moving forward with every step and loves to learn new things is the kind of person you would like to have as a WP designer for your website. If the people around you are teaching new things that can benefit you professionally or personally, you should learn them. You can check the past record of the designers before hiring them so that you can get to know their learning ability and experience based on their growth. An employee who can perform better gradually and save your time by working better, he/she is the person to hire.

5. Imaginative

A successful WP designer must have an out-of-the-box thinking so that he/she can provide you with some unique and impressive ideas for your website that have not been seen anywhere else. The main aim is to satisfy the client with your work and to find an employee who can provide you with the desired result. Along with having great ideas, the designers have to think about the audience that will be visiting the website and make the website accordingly.

6. Passionate

If your passion becomes your work, there is nothing more satisfying. The WP designers who have the zeal and desire to work in this field, are the ones that will provide you with the best results. The majority of people do not like their fields. It is quite clear that the ones who are doing the work they love are more productive. Therefore, the ones who are mixing their passion with work are the most valuable employees.

7. Time Management Skills

A good employee is one who can handle multiple things simultaneously. Time Management can help you deal with the heavy workload, delivery of the project before the deadline, etc. It gives strength to handle the situation with ease. With the help of these skills, the person is able to calculate the estimated time required to complete the work without affecting the quality. The time management skills of a WP designer can be checked before hiring by giving a task that tests his/her quality.

8. Patience

Designing a website needs patience as it is one of the most important elements of the website. The designing part starts from the first day and there are changes that are needed to be implemented several times before the site goes live. To amend these changes, the developer has to keep his/her cool and work patiently to provide the desired output to the client. Some alterations are needed to be done at every step. A good communication setup between the client and designer is necessary so that the customer is well aware of the changes taking place and the delay taking place at the designer’s end.

9. Teamwork

Being a team player is very important for each and every employee. The designers mostly work with a team on a project and they have to connect well with all of them in order to have good results. Working with a team means playing your part well and helping other fellows to achieve the desired targets. While working with a team of professionals, you get an opportunity to grow, learn from them and become a better & more valuable as a designer.

10. Organizer

Organizing your work is very important so that it does not get messy in the long run. An organized professional can work better with the capability of keeping things streamlined. Similarly, in the world of web designing, there is a need to do some homework before taking over the project. Collecting all the required data and keeping it in a simple and organized manner is the prime step. It helps avoid the situations where one is not able to work efficiently due to unsystematic arrangements. An organized personnel in web designing can be a big asset for his/her brand.

11. Good Communication Skills

Communication is required in every field and being able to convey your message in a good manner shows your expertise. A WP designer has to communicate directly to the client as well as the developers. The designer has to sell his/her work to the client and at the same time, understand the needs to deliver the desired outcome. A communication gap can affect the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the work, hence, a website designer must have polished communication skills.

12. Know the Needs of Target Audience and Client

Designing a WP website is not all, there is a need to design it based on the requirements of the client and keeping in mind the target audience. A skilled website designer knows what the people expect from a website and interacts with the client directly. The basic knowledge of marketing trends adds to the qualification of a designer. Seeing the site as a profitable business venture, a designer can work in a better manner.


The points mentioned above can help you choose a productive and good WP designer for your website. Besides the designing part, you also need to focus on the quality of the content and development of the website. The information provided on the website should be elaborate and easy to understand for the users so that they can spend time on the web pages and share the valuable information with their friends and family.

These tips can come in handy for both – the person hiring a WP designer and the designers. Please suggest us with the qualities that a WordPress designer must have so that his/her work can improve over time. Do remember that we are always here to help you with all the technical stuff and keep visiting us for more articles. Happy Reading!

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